1. Maxine Hong Kingston, Chinese American author and Professor Emerita at the University of California, Berkeley

2. Julie M. Tang, retired San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Co-Chair of the Comfort Women Justice Coalition

3. Lillian Sing, retired San Francisco Superior Court Judge, Co-Chair of the Comfort Women Justice Coalition

4. Ding Bong Lee, President of the San Francisco Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

5. Raymond He, Past President, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

6. San Francisco Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association

7. Ding Lee, President of Ning Yung Benevolent Association

8. Steve Ball, President of Hop Wo Benevolent Association

9. ZH Zeng, President of Kong Chow Benevolent Association

10. Dong S He, President of Yeong Wo Benevolent Association

11. G Zhang, President of Sam Yup Benevolent Association

12. Xiao Ting, President of Yan Woo Benevolent Association

13. Yong J Lee, President of Lee Family Association

14. Sing Yee Tong, Pu An Lee President

15. Feng Yee Tong, Shu R Lee President

16. Lily Lo, Director of Be Chinatown

17. Vincent Zheng, President of Dong Sam Sang Tong

18. Jack Fong, President of the Chinese Athletic Association

19. Jenny Xu, President ofChinese Women’s Association

20. Kim Min Ong, President of Ong Ko Met Family Association

21. Wing H Lau, President of Ying On Merchant Association

22. Bill Lee President of Yau Kung Moon Kung Fu Association

23. Kevin Chan, Chinatown business Owner, Fortune Cookie Factory

24. Henry Der Former Executive Director of Chinese for Affirmative Action

25. Ling Chi Wang, retired Chair of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Berkeley

26. Peter Chi, Board Chair of the Committee to Promote Reunification of China

27. Chark Lui, Assistant Chair of the Committee to Promote Reunification of China

28. Karen Korematsu of the Fred Korematsu Institute

29. Rita Semel, Founder of the San Francisco Interfaith Council

30. Reverend Amos Brown, President of San Francisco NAACP and Pastor of Third Baptist Church

31. Eric Mar, former San Francisco County Supervisor, District 1, and Professor of Asian and Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University

32. Ying Ying Chang, author, retired Biochemist at University Of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and mother of the late Iris Chang

33. Oliver Stone, American Film Director, Producer and Writer

34. Peter Kuznick, Professor of History; Director Nuclear Studies Institute, American University

35. Col. Ann Wright, retired US Army colonel, retired US State Department official

36. John Pilger, Filmmaker and journalist

37. Doug Henwood, Economic Journalist

38. Ken Hammond, Professor of East Asian and Global History at New Mexico State University

39. Chinese Americans for Peace

40. Mel Lee, Board President of San Francisco Chinese Hospital

41. Corey Robin, Professor of Political Science, Brooklyn College

42. Bruno Bosteels, Professor of Latin American and Iberian Studies and the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, Columbia University

43. Rebecca Karl, Professor of History, New York University

44. George Ciccariello-Maher, Decolonizing Humanities Project, College of William and Mary

45. Elisabeth Anker, Associate Professor of Political Science and American Studies, George Washington University

46. Christian Sorace, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Colorado College

47. Lori Marso, Stone Professor of Modern Literary and Historical Studies and Professor of Political Science, Union College

48. Mara Verheyden-Hilliard, Constitutional Rights Lawyer

49. Gilbert Chang, founding Chair of Alliance for Preserving the Truth of Sino-Japanese War

50. Vickie Chen retired CFO Moody National Bank Texas

51. Jill Stein, MD, 2016. Green Party Presidential Nominee

52. Abby Martin, Journalist and Producer The Empire Files

53. Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director, AJ Muste Institute

54. Brian Becker, National Director, ANSWER Coalition

55. Camilo Mejia, Member of About Face: Veterans Against War, and author

56. Qiao Collective

57. Chuck O’Connell, Emeritus Lecturer in Sociology, University of California, Irvine

58. Claudia Chaufan, MD, Ph.D, Associate Professor, York University

59. Barbara Applebaum, Professor, Syracuse University

60. Wayne Au, Professor, University of Washington Bothell

61. William Ayers, Retired Distinguished Professor of Education, University of Illinois at Chicago

62. Liza Featherstone, Journalist

63. Gregory Bourassa, Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa

64. Zachary A. Casey, Associate Professor, Rhodes College

65. Donna-Marie Cole-Malott, Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Higher Education at the Pennsylvania Department of Education

66. Rebekah A. Cordova, University of Florida

67. Noah De Lissovoy, Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

68. Medea Benjamin, Co-founder CodePink

69. Bernardine Dohrn, Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern University

70. Nirmala Erevelles, Ph.D, Professor, University of Alabama

71. Derek R. Ford, Assistant Professor, DePauw University

72. Tyson E. Lewis, Professor, University of North Texas

73. Jodi Dean, Professor of Political Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

74. James Martel, Professor of Political Science, San Francisco State University

75. Paul A. Passavant, Associate Professor of Political Science, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

76. Hannah Dickinson, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

77. Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies, Chapman University

78. Sarah Pfohl, Assistant Professor, University of Indianapolis

79. Jason Wozniak, Assistant Professor, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

80. K.J. Noh, Journalist, Scholar, Peace Activist

81. Michael Wong, Veterans for Peace

82. Curry Malott, Associate Professor, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

83. Allen Chen retired Professor, National Ocean University of Taiwan

84. Gordon H. Chang, Professor, Stanford University

85. Sheila Xiao, California Community College Research Analyst

86. Shirley Chen, Architect

87. Jerry Chen, Founding Chair of Chinese American Cultural Society

88. Robert G. Lee, Professor of American Studies, Brown University

89. Geoffrey Brown, Former San Francisco Public Defender

90. Charmaine Chua, Assistant Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara

91. The People’s Forum

92. George T. Chopellas, retired Judge

93. Peter Wong, Ying On Association Elder

94. Yang Chang Cheng, President of the Fujian Business Association of America

95. Gerry Condon, Immediate Past National President of Veterans for Peace

96. John Kim, Veterans for Peace

97. Reverend Norman Fong, retired Executive Director of the Chinatown Community Development Center

98. Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance

99. Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance

100. Veterans for Peace, East Bay Chapter 162

101. Don M. Tow, President of New Jersey Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia

102. Ann Santee, Vice President of New Jersey Alliance for Learning and Preserving the History of WWII in Asia

103. James Santee, Veteran

104. Thomas Grace, Professor at State University of New York, Buffalo

105. Anne Gerritsen Professor at Warwick University

106. Thomas Golden, retired Law Professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law

107. Willie Baptist, University of the Poor

108. Bei-Lok Hu, Professor of Physics, University of Maryland

109. Dah Jen Liu, Writer (Taiwan)

110. Christine Ahn, Executive Director of Women Cross the DMZ

111. A. Thomas Golden, Professor of Law, Emeritus, Thomas Jefferson School of Law

112. Aaron Culliney, Software Engineer, Luminix

113. Abby Martin, Journalist, Media Roots

114. Abe Lillard

115. Adam Lazare

116. Adam Nunez

117. Adika Aniedobe, Student, University of Maryland

118. Adrian Swanston

119. Aidan Garrick Mensenares, Secretary-General-elect, Ateneo Senior High School Model United Nations

120. Alaa’a Ashkar, Teenager activist

121. Alan Barbier

122. Alan Podber

123. Albert Wong, Professor Emeritus, The University of Texas at El Paso

124. Alex Denny, Faculty anesthesiologist, University of Washington

125. Alex Murphy

126. Alex Robinson

127. Alex Au

128. Alex Samuel

129. Alexander Schultz

130. Alfie Chapman

131. Ali Firouzbakht

132. Alice Lai-Bitker, Former Alameda County Supervisor, Dist 3

133. Alice Slater, Board, World Beyond War

134. Alice Dubiel, Planet Art

135. Allan Lei, Student, Middlebury College

136. Allen Jasson

137. Alonso Arana

138. Alvin Tamarin, Accountant

139. Alvin Ja

140. Amir M. Maasoumi

141. Amy Harlib

142. Andrew Meyer, Professor, Brooklyn College

143. Andrew Funaro

144. Angel Alberson

145. Angela Simmons, Campaign Coordinator, CODEPINK

146. Angelina Crowley

147. Anlin Wang, Reclaim Philadelphia, APALA Philly

148. Ann Santee, Vice president, NJ-ALPHA

149. Anne Gerritsen, Professor, University of Warwick

150. Anneke Corbett

151. April Guittar

152. Ar Smith, Director, Environmentalists Against War

153. Ari Shinsky

154. arifin tanzil

155. Armond Towns, Assistant Professor, University of Richmond

156. Arnie Carter

157. Arnold Saiki, Coordinator, Moana Nui

158. B. Keith Brumley

159. Barb Robertson

160. Barbara G Harris

161. Barby Ulmer, Director, our developing world

162. Barrie Armitt

163. Benjamin Rubinstein

164. Benjamin Tamarin

165. Bernard Sharah

166. Bex Hampton

167. Bill Reynolds

168. Bill Stansbery

169. Brad Geyer, Veterans for Peace

170. Brian Slease

171. Brian Davis

172. Bridge Cheung

173. Bryan Walston

174. Burton Steck

175. Calvin Xu, UCI School of Nursing

176. Camden Goetz, Research and Communications Associate

177. Carla Sameth

178. Carol Guzman

179. Carol Boyer

180. Caroline Tryfiates

181. Carroll Arkema

182. Catherine Henchek, PSL Chicago

183. Charlene Pearson

184. Chelsea Johannsen

185. Cheryl Kozanitas, board member

186. Cheryl Simes

187. Christa Erwin, Seattle Anti-War Coalition

188. Christina Fisher, Peace Activist, United States

189. christina Leung, aptsjw

190. Christine Ahn, Executive Director, Women Cross DMZ

191. Christine Hong, Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Cruz

192. Christopher Lish

193. Christopher Christie

194. Christopher Banks

195. CK Tan, I-Prop Realty SDN BHD

196. Coleman Harrison, Executive Director, Massachusetts Peace Action

197. Colin Neiburger, Peace Day Asheville

198. Colin Dodson

199. Colleen Whittemore

200. Colonel Ann Wright, Veterans for Peace

201. Conor Whetsel

202. Cora Kohn

203. Corey Dolgon, professor, stonehill college

204. Cristhian Lin Cobos, Youth Development

205. Crystal Land

206. Curt Wechsler

207. Cyrus Janssen

208. Dr. D X

209. Dan Kervick

210. Daniel Gilman, Past President, Veterans For Peace

211. Daniel Pitkin

212. Dat Nguyen

213. Dave Leininger, Data Consultant, Box 160

214. Dave Sweeten

215. Dave Lefcourt

216. David Myers

217. David Swanson, Executive Director, World BEYOND War

218. David Hall

219. David Brown

220. David Rose, retired

221. David Otness, US Merchant Marine

222. David Tolliday-Wright

223. David Hutchinson

224. Dawn Orluske, Pastor, Cathedral in the Night

225. Dean Dedes

226. Dean Shelton

227. Deb Friedman

228. Debbie Gregory

229. Deborah Rogers, PhD; President, Initiative for Equality, Initiative for Equality

230. Dee Knight, DSA

231. Dennis Lopez, Associate Professor, CSU Long Beach

232. Dennis Goldstein

233. Derek Krencik

234. Derek Mason

235. Diana Killorin

236. Dino Camacho, Retired Educator and health professional

237. Don McClure Jr

238. Donald Morgan, Pastor, Haydenville Congregational Church

239. Retired business professional Donna Li

240. Doug Kauffman, Steward, National Union of Healthcare Workers

241. Doug Vaughan

242. Dan Kervick

243. Douglas Renick

244. Dr. Mare Davis

245. Duyen Nguyen, Lawyer, Stanford School of Medicine

246. E. Wayne Ross, Professor, University of British Columbia

247. Ed Chalfant

248. Edward S. Krebs, Historian of China, veteran, retired

249. Edward SK Leung

250. Efia Nwangaza, Founder/Director, Malcolm X Center for Self Determination

251. Eileen Fan

252. Elba Matos

253. Eleanor Levine

254. Eli Schotz

255. Elias Decker

256. Elise Tak, artist/curator, self-employed

257. Elizabeth Lowengard

258. Elizabeth Bjerke

259. Elizabeth Kelly

260. Elizabeth Smith

261. Ellen Murphy

262. Ellen Brown

263. Ellen Thomas, WILPF US, and Proposition One Campaign

264. Ellen E Barfield, chapter founder, board member, Veterans For Peace, War Resisters League

265. Emily Greene, FCCPR Peace Task Force


267. Eric Onsgard

268. Eric Wang

269. Faith Peeples

270. Faramak Zahraie

271. Fergus Marshall

272. Fernando Augustin, NCKU

273. Fiona Canning, Designer/Carer, ficanning.com

274. Flaminio Maffettini

275. Francisco Sosa

276. Frank Yau

277. Fred Norman, Veterans For Peace

278. Fred Jakobcic

279. Freddy Menge

280. Gabriel Silva

281. Gabriel Goffman, Dsa SF

282. Gaerin Warman-Szvoboda

283. gary hicks, Communist Party USA

284. Gary So, editor, Media

285. Gary Lockwood

286. gary baker, Gap Design Services

287. Gene Marx, VFP-111

288. gerald vandermeer

289. Gerry Condon, Past President, Veterans For Peace

290. Greer Donaldson, Campaign and Intern Coordinator, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace

291. Gregory Fegel

292. Gregory Elich, Zoom in Korea

293. Hali Cespedes-Chorin

294. Hank Keeton, President, Keeton Corporation

295. harold pyle

296. Hazel Twelker

297. Henry Der

298. Hilda Richey

299. Hoi Chan

300. Hollis Higgins, Secretary, Spokane Veterans For Peace #35

301. Holly Horne

302. Hongli Lai

303. Hugh Brackett

304. Hypatia Ostojic

305. Ian Brown

306. Irving Lee

307. Isaac Duran

308. Isabelle Casel, Peace Lab Europe

309. Ivy Lee

310. Jackson Canavan

311. Jacob Hoffman

312. Jacob Kessler

313. Jacob Liedke

314. Jada St John, Researcher, SAFE

315. James Santee, Pension consultant

316. James Fleming

317. James Hampton

318. James Haynes, Bodhisattva of the Earth, Soka Gakkai

319. James Hsue

320. James Regan

321. James Stucky

322. Jan Corderman, Leadership Team Member, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom

323. Jan Weinberg, Founder, Show Up! America

324. Jane Yamashiro, Research Justice at the Intersections Fellow, Mills College

325. Jane Cutter

326. Janet Walsek

327. Janice Hawkins, Member, WILPF

328. Janice Kirsch, M.D, Physicians for Social Responsibility

329. Jared Flanery

330. Jasmine Fernandez

331. Jean Dere

332. Jeanelle Myers

333. Jean-Samuel Weyeneth, Artiste

334. Jeff Richey, Berea College

335. Jeffrey Shurtleff, Permaculture for Children, Early Learning Educator

336. Jennifer Yusuf, Daybreak News

337. Jens Melin, Pastry chef

338. Jeremy Taylor

339. Jerilyn Tabor

340. Jerry Goldberg, Moratorium Now Coalition Detroit

341. Jesper Jakobsen, Master in rhetoric – Writer, researcher, poet, TFF – The Transnational

342. Jesse Heller

343. Jesse Crall, New York University

344. Jessica Leyba, ANSWER Coalition

345. Jill Becker, Member, Greene County Coalition for Compassionate Justice

346. Jill Stein

347. Jill Harrison, Village Farmers Market

348. Jim Bearden, Software Developer, Sky Pilot Software

349. Jim Meeks, Harm Reduction Worker, THRA

350. Jim Prues, Founder, World 5.0

351. Jim Greco, Artist/Writer

352. Jim Quinn

353. Jimmy La, Concerned Citizen, Jimmy La Designs

354. Joan Roelofs, Participant, World Beyond War

355. Jodi Sarda

356. Jodie Evans, co-founder, CODEPINK

357. Joe Brady

358. Joe Kenna

359. Joe Delaplaine

360. Johanna Harman

361. John Huffman

362. John Beacham, Founder, Editor, MASS ACTION

363. Dr. john chow

364. John Goodwin

365. John Goodwin, John Goodwin

366. John Kim, Veterans For Peace

367. John Cabral

368. John Lynn

369. Johnny Milner

370. Johnny Chan

371. Jon Arndt

372. Jon Britton

373. Jonathan Liu, Graduate Student, UCLA

374. Joseph Modugno, Writer & Teacher, US Peace Corps Volunteer China

375. Joseph Essertier, Japan for a World BEYOND War

376. Joseph Levine, Professor of Philosophy, UMass Amherst

377. Joshua Snider

378. Joshua McDermott, University of Pittsburgh

379. Joy Zhang, Social Worker, YeeHong

380. Judith Sandoval, Associate Member, Veterans For Peace

381. Judy Bierbaum

382. Judy Raphael

383. Julie Norris

384. June Kelly, Researcher, Independent Researcher – Global Issues

385. Kai Chu

386. Karen Ball, member, Pax Christi San Antonio

387. Karen Stansbery, associate member, Veterans for Peace

388. Karen Aram

389. Karen Nyhus

390. Karen Young

391. Kari Olsen

392. Dr Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

393. Kate Barr

394. Kay Wu, Activist

395. kayvan Fathi

396. Kazumi Marthiensen

397. Kelly Mittong, Human, USA Citizen

398. Ken Lau

399. Kenneth Hammond, New Mexico State University

400. Kenneth Lederman

401. Kenneth Ruby

402. Kerry Nelson

403. Kevin Zeese, co-director, Popular Resistance

404. Kevin Shapiro

405. Kevin Branaum

406. kim stepp

407. Kirk klepfer

408. Klyph Stiwald

409. Kris Hamel

410. L. Bagley

411. L. D. Pratt

412. Larry Romsted, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers AAUP-AFT Faculty Union

413. Larry Miller

414. Lauren Giniger

415. Laurie Funaroff

416. LD Robbins

417. Lee Gloster

418. Lewis Patrie, Treasurur, WNC Physicians for Social Responsibility

419. Liesbeth Nieuwenweg, Web master, Stroom Den Haag

420. Linda Burdwell

421. Linda Jones

422. Linda Houghton, JVP

423. Livia De Oliveira, Universidade de Coimbra

424. Ljubica Sefer-Stefancic

425. Lotus Yee Fong, SF chapter co-chair, US China Peoples Friendship Association

426. Louise Antony, Professor of Philosophy, UMass Amherst

427. Lucy Weldon

428. Ludek

429. Luke Knowles, Computer Science Major, Western Washington University

430. Malcolm Litowitz

431. Mara Verheyden-Hilliard

432. Marcy Gordon

433. Margaret Flowers, co-director, PopularResistance.org

434. Margaret Collins

435. MargaretAnn Bowers

436. Mariana Azevedo

437. Marie Velenski

438. Marilyn Naparst

439. Marilyn Goodman

440. Mark Bishop

441. Mark D

442. Marlene Makaroff

443. Mary Beaudoin, Newsletter Editor, Women Against Military Madness

444. Masao Suzuki, Nihonmachi Outreach Committee (NOC) of San Jose

445. Matt Wyse

446. Matthew Cahn

447. Matthew Louie

448. Matthias Reichl, Center for Encounter and Active Non-Violence

449. Mavis Biekman, Foundation African World Studies Institute

450. Maxwell Ammerman

451. Megan Hoffman

452. Mei Tow Lam

453. Mercedes Lackey, Owner, High Flight Arts and Letters

454. Michael Bleiweiss, Member, Merrimack Valley People for Peace

455. Michael Wininger

456. Michael Boyle

457. Michael Kast

458. Michael Willey

459. Michael Casey

460. Michael Porter

461. Michael Cuccaro, Retired citizen

462. Michelle Gautreaux

463. Michelle Rivera

464. mike and miriam kurland

465. Miko Peled

466. Morgan Rocks, University of British Columbia

467. Muyan D Du

468. Nancy Potter

469. Nathan Brown

470. Nathanael Hauschild

471. Nathaniel Shaw

472. Natylie Baldwin

473. Naxin W

474. Neal Sweeney, Vice President, UAW Local 5810

475. Neal Roche, Gilded

476. Nick Cerasi, Student, SUNY Geneseo

477. Nick Goodell

478. Nicolai Vigneswaren

479. Nicolas J Sandy Davies

480. Nicole Witt, VP, Wittzend

481. Niki Bawa

482. Nima Homami

483. Norma J F Harrison, Peace and Freedom Party, on the Ca. ballot

484. Nuntiyo Bhilkhu, Bhante

485. Olliver Pelayo

486. Pallas Stanford

487. Pamela Herron, Lecturer, University of Texas at El Paso

488. Pat Byrne

489. Patricia Hynes

490. Patricia Blair

491. patricia huff

492. Patricia Marida

493. Patricia Antonyshyn

494. Patrick Ostiguy

495. Patrick & Maryanne Michaels, VWG

496. Paul Cox

497. Paul Frank

498. Paul Karitis

499. Paul Ryder

500. Pearl Li, Retired, Librarian

501. peggy dobbins, founder, women in time change history

502. Pete Johnson Jr, Primcipal, Ecovillage Abundance

503. Peter Rasmussen, Co-Director, Classical Chinese Puzzle Project

504. Peter Dalby

505. Peter T. Lam, architect

506. Philip Nash, Professor Emeritus, IIT

507. Philip Angus Nunes

508. Quinton Huang

509. Rachel Padilla, Sciences Po Paris

510. Rachel deAragon

511. Rae Street

512. Ralph Bevilaqua

513. Raman Lama, Worker, Sustainable Solutions

514. Ramona Malczynski, University of New Mexico

515. Raul Perez, Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of La Verne

516. Ray Smith

517. Raymond Nash

518. Rebecca Chang

519. Rebecca Leon

520. Rebecca Lord

521. Rhianna Shaheen, Kiki Tree Pictures

522. Rhonda Rose, member, answer coalition.org

523. Richard Sandler, Director, LHM Ltd, Thailand

524. Richard Rothschiller, Psychologists for Social Responsibility Hawai`i

525. Rick Sterling, Board Chair, Mt Diablo Peace & Justice Center

526. Rieman Lynn

527. Rik Masterson

528. Robert Corrado, just a guy who hates war and militarism,

529. Robert Liu, Director

530. Robert Lee, Associate Professor of American Studies, Brown University

531. Robert Lewis

532. Robert Gold

533. Robert Noval

534. Robert Wohlberg

535. Roberta Frye

536. Robin Hensel, Rev

537. Robin Jenkins

538. Robin Gaura

539. Roger Stoll

540. Roger Harris, Task Force on the Americas

541. Roger S Dong, Chairman and retired USAF Lt Colonel, Chinese American Heroes

542. Rosa Lee, Year

543. Roy Skellenger

544. Ruby Tsao

545. Russell Bates

546. Russell Ruch, PSL-Denver

547. Ruth Robertson, convener, Raging Grannies

548. Ruthann Ovenshire

549. Ryan Hamby

550. S Meeks

551. Saleem Akbar

552. Sam Fragale

553. Sam Gould

554. sam levin

555. Samuel Kang

556. Sara Abusheikh, Tailor,

557. Sara Flounders, Co-Director, International Action Center

558. Satoko Norimatsu, Director, Peace Philosophy Centre

559. Saul Thomas, Lecturer, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

560. Saundra Shirley

561. Sennen Phoenix

562. Shan Sun

563. Shannon Grow-Garrett

564. sharon Tennison

565. Sheila Goldner

566. Sheila Xiao, Rio Hondo College

567. shirley tien

568. Shonald Narayan

569. Siew Leong

570. Silvio Rodrigues

571. Simon Anderson

572. Sophia Bannister

573. Sophie-Kuanghua Sie, Community Outreach Educator, www.tristatejustice.org

574. Spencer Fraye

575. Stephen Bell

576. Stephen Goss

577. Stephen Amore

578. Steve Ditore

579. Steven Patt, Journalist, Left I on the News

580. Sue RE

581. Suhail Purkar

582. Susan Sheinfeld

583. Susan Macomson, Planet VS Pentagon

584. Suzanne R. Carlson, Board member, Traprock Center for Peace and Justice

585. Sylvia Haven

586. Symon Smith

587. Tahnee Stair Sweeney, Yolo Grassroots Collective

588. Tayfun Gol

589. Ted Huters, professor emeritus of Chinese, UCLA

590. Ted Tripp

591. Theodore Majdosz

592. Therese Parker

593. Thomas Jue, Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, University of California Davis

594. Thomas Dickinson, President/Founder, Siberian Bridges

595. Thomas Westheimer, Member, NH Peace Action

596. Thomas Zenteno, Concept Artist, Self Employed

597. Thomas Grace, Assistant Professor, SUNY/Erie

598. Thomas Burnham, Oxford

599. Thuy Pham

600. Dr. Tim Beal, Retired academic

601. Timothy King

602. Timothy Havel, Massachusetts Peace Action

603. Timothy Burris

604. Tobita Chow, Director, Justice Is Global

605. Todd Benintente

606. Todd Carpien

607. Tom Neilson, Ed.D, Tom Neilson Music

608. Tony Gitz, Intern, Peace global

609. Tony Arling

610. Tony Ryan

611. Travis Smith, Communist Party USA

612. Trish Roberts

613. Ulla Klötzer, coordinator, Women Against Nuclear Power – Finland

614. Vic Burton

615. Victoria Hall

616. Wayne Jenne

617. Wendell Bohannon, President, Ethical Humanist of Atlanta

618. Will Warnock

619. Will Arment

620. William Strutz, Retired, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

621. William Cecio

622. William Dvorak

623. William Manteris

624. Wolf Goehring,

625. Wynd Kaufmyn, Professor

626. Xiaolin Cui, Associate professor, Xian University of Science and Technology

627. Ye Yingzhi, professor, jimei university

628. Yuhong Wang, Software Developer

629. Yuval Lev

630. Z Sullivan

631. Zavier Ridgley, CPUSA