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We are concerned Americans from all walks of life who have come together in opposition to the dramatically increasing drive toward confrontation between the United States and China. We have launched a new effort called Pivot to Peace to educate and mobilize public opinion about the benefits of a policy that facilitates cooperation and mutual respect between the United States and China.

Pivot to Peace Webinar

On Saturday, November 14th, Pivot to Peace held a webinar titled “Chinese Americans United Against the New Cold War”. Six members of the Chinese American community came together to discuss how the U.S. foreign policy of aggression with China is not simply relations between two nations, but has devastating impacts on the community at home and abroad. If you missed this incredibly important webinar, highlighting the unique perspective of Chinese Americans on the new cold war, click on the links below to watch!

We thank our sponsors, the Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association – SF and Chinese for Affirmative Action once again for sponsoring this event.

Professor L. Ling-Chi Wang is Professor Emeritus of Asian American studies and ethnic studies at the University of California, Berkeley in the last five decades. He is a co-founder of Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), a community-based civil rights organization that works with other minority groups in promoting racial equality and economic justice for all Americans. He has been a strong advocate of bilingual education and the rights of linguistic minorities throughout the U.S. He co-founded the International Society for the Study of Chinese Overseas (ISSCO) in 1992.

Henry Der was the Executive Director of the San Francisco-based Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) for more than two decades. He also served as the deputy superintendent of public instruction at the California Department of Education. In addition, he has served as the chairperson of the California Postsecondary Education Commission and the State Bar Legal Services Trust Fund Commission. Der was a commentator for the NPR affiliate KQED-FM during the 1990s, and is a lifelong practitioner of Bikram yoga. Der recently retired as a senior program officer at Four Freedoms Fund, a national funders’ collaborative in support of immigrant rights groups across the country. He helped co-lead the successful campaign for the new SF City College Chinatown/North campus facility which serves more than 6,500 adult immigrant students every semester.

Judge Lillian Sing is the first Asian American female judge in Northern California. She is a passionate advocate of justice and civil rights and in 2015 she retired as a judge to install SF “Comfort women” Memorial. Currently she serves as the Co-Chair of the “Comfort Women” Justice Coalition

George Koo is a retired international business advisor and was a one time member of the Chinese Services Group at Deloitte. In 2014, he reached full-time retirement when he stepped down as a board director of a NYSE listed multinational integrated resort corporation. He is a regular contributor to online Asia Times on US-China relations.

Julie Tang is a retired judge of the San Francisco Superior Court and previously, an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco . She helped create and presided over the first Domestic Violence Court in San Francisco in 1997. Upon retirement in 2015, Judge Tang works as a part-time mediator and a full-time peace activist. In 2017, she helped co-found the ‘Comfort Women” Justice Coalition that built a “Comfort Women” Memorial in San Francisco. Previously, she had co-founded the “Rape of Nanjing” Redress Coalition in 1998. In 2020, she and a group of peace activists co-founded the “Pivot to Peace” organization dedicated to advocating for world peace, in particular, peace between the US and China.

Sheila Xiao works as an institutional research analyst at Rio Hondo Community College in Southern California. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Sheila’s experience growing up in a Chinese immigrant family is one of the main drivers of her work as an activist and organizer. She is a co-founder and lead organizer of the pro-peace coalition, Pivot to Peace. 

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