Less than one month after launching Pivot to Peace,we have been censored by Twitter. Our account had exactly four tweets urging the public to sign on to our mission statement. We call on all of our supporters to sign our petition and demand that Twitter reinstate our account (@peacepivot) immediately. 

As a coalition of academics, public sector workers, lawyers, veterans and everyday people alike, we stand together in opposition to the US drive towards confrontation with China. Among our signers are Chinese American Author Maxine Hong Kingston, American filmmaker Oliver Stone, director of Nuclear Studies Institute at American University Peter Kuznick, president of the Chinese Six Companies Ding Bong Lee, and hundreds of others who all share our hope to build towards peace and friendship between the US and China. 

We have reason to believe that the suspension of our account is an attempt to censor content that challenges the mainstream anti-China doctrine. It was recently reported that Twitter partnered with the right-wing think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute to suspend tens of thousands of accounts that may be linked to or promoting material that is favorable to China. The work we do is to fill a void in the uneven discourse around China because we believe the potential for war and aggression is so grave. Our work is not pro-China, but pro-peace.

It is inconceivable that Twitter would censor our content which we believe, and our supporters believe, is critically needed in a space that claims to place in high regard, freedom of speech and debate. 

Please sign our petition as we demand that Twitter reinstate our account @peacepivot immediately. 



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