On Friday, June 19th, Pivot to Peace launched a petition to demand that Twitter end its censorship of our content and reinstate the @peacepivot account immediately. In a matter of days, we received overwhelming support from over 1,000 signers demanding an end to the censorship of the critically needed, pro-peace content that Pivot to Peace provides. Thanks to outpouring of support from the pro-peace community, our twitter was officially reinstated today. Twitter support claimed that the suspension was a “mistake”. However we know that the suspension of @peacepivot followed a mass suspension of many other accounts that promoted content that is related to China. 

This victory could not have been possible without our supporters. This was a demonstration of the collective power our community has in pushing forward pro-peace efforts even in the face of censorship and intimidation. Pivot to Peace is committed to organize and promote discourse around peace and friendship with China as US orientation inches closer towards confrontation. We thank you all once again for the tremendous efforts made to reinstate our Twitter.



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