Wednesday October 6th, 11am PT | 2pm ET On October 6th, Pivot to Peace will be […]
Professor Ken Hammond and K.J. Noh of Pivot to Peace spoke on the Critical Hour radio show to […]
On Saturday, September 18th, Pivot to Peace joined a full-day conference titled “China and The Left” hosted […]
September 22 – November 17 Every Wednesday 5pm PT | 8pm ET Pivot to Peace is […]
On September 18th, Pivot to Peace will be joining the Qiao Collective and The People’s Forum […]
Session 1 | Saturday, 9/11 at 1pm PT | RSVP here Featuring the film, ‘Chinatown Files’ , moderated […]
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore A classified report delivered to US President Joe Biden by the US […]
Co-founder of Pivot to Peace and Hong Kong native retired judge Julie Tang and Vice President […]
KJ Noh, a peace activist, scholar on the geopolitics of Asia, and organizer with Pivot to […]
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