Wednesday October 6th, 11am PT | 2pm ET

On October 6th, Pivot to Peace will be joining No Cold War for an online rally opposing the rise of racism that is being fueled by the US-led cold war on China. This event features a range of speakers from the Chinese, East Asian and South East Asian diaspora, prominent labor movement figures and representatives of from youth, anti-racist and anti-war organizations in Britain and the US to discuss why we must build the #StopAsianHate movement in Britain and internationally. Register for the event here. 


  • Murad Qureshi, former London Assembly Member
  • Jess Barnard, Chair of Young Labour
  • Anna Chen, writer and broadcaster
  • Sheila Xiao
  • Ping Hua
  • Suresh Grover
  • Madison Tang
  • WahPiow Tan
  • Aidan from Stop Asian Hate UK



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